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Auditory Check List 

1. ___ Confusion in sounds/words heard (cat/cap, fifteen/fifty)
2. ___ Confusion in unstructured, noisy areas (gym, playground, cafeteria, parties, holiday gatherings in home)
3. ___ Frequently wants things repeated (Huh? What?)
4. ___ Difficulty following oral directions ("Get dressed, pick up your toys, and feed the dog.")
5. ___ Easily distracted by background sounds
6. ___ Oversensitivity to noises (hypersensitivity)
7. ___ Difficulty understanding what is said (lengthy conversations/lectures)
8. ___ Difficulty speaking/listening on the phone
9. ___ Inability to selectivity listen to speech
10. ___ Trouble understanding people with accents
11. ___ Difficulty remembering sequence of stories or directions
12. ___ Doesn't like to be read to
13. ___ Prefers videos to books
14. ___ Difficulty sitting for story time, circle time
15. ___ Confuses the sequence of sounds ("bakset" for "basket") or words in sentences ("tup of key" for "cup of tea")


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Check: ___ History of ear diseases/infections/fluids
  ___ Delayed onset speech
  ___ Birth trauma (Low APGAR, low birth weight, etc.)
  ___ Bilingual exposure (English as a second language)
  ___ History of LD, dyslexia in family


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